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Welcome to the 'Fluidity Renaissance'

Welcome to the 'Fluidity Renaissance'

<p>Welcome to the 'Fluidity Renaissance'</p>

The growing number of people no longer identifying as straight or cisgender brings lots of possibility.

Dear fellow humans, welcome to the “fluidity renaissance!” Never in recorded human history have so many young Americans and, dare I say, humans on Earth, identified as LGBTQ+ or sexually fluid. This sea change will alter everything and rock human history. Just like other societal and cultural revolutions, this current period of sexual freedom, expression, and authenticity will usher in a new age.

OK, first let’s talk fluidity and try to define the term. Recently, Gallup found that 1 in 5 members, or nearly 20 percent, of Gen Z (aged 20-26 years) identify as LGBTQ+. The + is important as it includes non-binary, gender-fluid, asexual, or any other non-straight, non-cisgender identity. That's huge; nearly one-fifth of young people don't fit in the cisgender, heterosexual boxes that conservatives would like all people to be trapped in. Additionally, the CDC found recently that 1 in 4 American high schoolers, or 26 percent, identify as LGBTQ+!

Now, let’s move on to “renaissance” and how it reaches such a level. The stats mentioned are reason alone to see a new day when it comes to sexuality. These numbers call into question previous U.S. Census estimates of how many Americans identify as LGBTQ+. The numbers from Gallup and CDC appear to indicate non-straight, non-cisgender people make up more than 10 percent of the population. The repercussions to this are huge. LGBTQ+ people, generally, vote at much higher levels (projected to represent one-fifth of voters by 2040!) and and are very loyal to brands loyal to them. Like renaissances of the past, the mass movement to express your sexual/gender identity authentically and openly will have vast impacts on future generations, from politics to health services to media representation.

The fluidity renaissance is only going to grow, with people all around the nation and world increasingly feeling more comfortable to express their orientation and/or identity. But, truth be told, it's probably difficult for many to see this silver lining right now.

An obvious resistance to such a renaissance is being whipped up by a very vocal minority of MAGA Republicans bent on destroying this movement. The facts — which rarely enter the fray when it comes to MAGA — is that more and more of their very children, friends, and children of friends, family, colleagues, and fellow constituents are identifying in a way they vilify. Now, more folks are feeling comfortable to express themselves openly in the hopes of finding true, lasting happiness. We continue to grow in numbers, living openly, and it’s a threat to hardline fanatics. Regardless of their news-grabbing short-term legislation and rhetoric, it’s too late. The rising younger generation will not only come out in greater numbers, they will vote out politicians who demonize sexual and gender minorities.

Never before have 61 percent of Americans, according to Pew research, believed that same-sex relationships are good for society. The number is only going to grow, with huge and positive repercussions for society. Let’s enjoy living in this renaissance moment.

Michael Kelley is a principal shareholder, board member, president of equalpride and editor at large at The Advocate, studying, speaking, and writing about LGBTQ+ population trends.

Views expressed in The Advocate’s opinion articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily represent the views of The Advocate or our parent company, equalpride.

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