Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper is a prominent gay reporter with the CNN news network. A scion of the Vanderbilt family, Cooper got his start in journalism by having a friend create a counterfeit press pass, so that he could report on issues overseas. In his career, he has served as correspondent and anchor for shows like World News Now, The Mole, Anderson Cooper 360, NewsNight, 60 Minutes, and Anderson Live. Read the latest news about Anderson Cooper, who came out in 2012 via a letter to Andrew Sullivan that was later published with his permission.

The CNN host apologized for a toilet-themed remark he made to Trump apologist Jeffrey Lord.

May 21 2017 3:34 PM

The proud conservative and has-been actor tweeted a gif of Anderson Cooper's infamous eyeroll and wrote, "As his butt plug dislodges during a newscast..."

May 13 2017 8:21 PM

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway says Anderson Cooper was being sexist when he rolled his eyes at her during an interview. 

May 11 2017 3:39 PM

The bubbly morning television host appeared on Andy Cohen's Bravo show, grieving the elusiveness of the out CNN anchor.

December 01 2016 2:31 PM

The out CNN anchor pointed out a double standard to Kellyanne Conway, who argued that a lawsuit settled out of court implied guilt for Bill Clinton.

October 16 2016 10:00 AM

The gay anchor's tough questioning of Donald Trump in Sunday's debate has led more women to go public with allegations of sexual attacks by the businessman.

October 13 2016 8:48 PM

The internet's favorite debate audience member is sure all Americans deserve equal rights.

October 11 2016 1:41 AM