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Anderson Cooper Heckled, Followed in CNN Lobby, Prompting F Bombs

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A unidentified man accused the out journalist of not disclosing information in a 60 Minutes report.

Journalist Anderson Cooper had a tense confrontation with an unidentified cameraman in the New York headquarters of CNN.

Cooper, a longtime CNN broadcaster, as well as a correspondent for CBS's long-running 60 Minutes, was walking into his CNN office on Monday when a man began following him and peppering him with questions. According to a video uploaded to TikTok, the cameraman accused Cooper of not disclosing investments in businesses like LIFT Aircraft and Joby Aviation, companies he profiled in a 60 Minutes segment. The businesses are at the forefront of developing eVTOLS, or electric vertical take off and landing vehicles that operate like helicopters and some hope can be utilized as air taxis.

"You did a story on eVTOLS for 60 Minutes. Why didn't you tell the viewers they were infomercials for Joby, LIFT, and Wisk?," the man asked as he trailed Cooper, with the out journalist not responding as he climbed stairs. The cameraman accused Cooper of having investments in the aforementioned companies.

When the man got close to Cooper as he moved to open a door, Cooper said, "What the f--k are you doing? Get the f--k away from me!"

Out of breath, the cameraman stated how Kim Kardashian was fined by the Securities and Exchange Commission for unlawfully touting the security of Crypto funds.

Cooper didn't say anything more, only shaking his head and smiling as he opened a door.


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