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Anthony Rapp

The suit includes Rapp's accusation that Spacey sexually assaulted him when Rapp was 14, plus similar charges from an anonymous man.

September 10 2020 5:15 PM

Perhaps -- and only if Spacey would "fully own what he did," Rapp says of the man he accused of sexual assault.

October 21 2018 4:52 AM

Many media outlets are claiming the attack on an Orlando gay club was not a hate crime against LGBT people. At the 2018 GLAAD awards, celebrities weighed in.

April 20 2018 2:50 PM

The Star Trek: Discovery star discussed the moment he decided to break his silence at the Out and Equal Momentum Gala.

March 30 2018 4:07 PM

In his first televised interview since the accusation, the Star Trek: Discovery actor revealed why he came forward with his story.

February 02 2018 2:58 PM

"Anthony Rapp, for all the shoulders you stood on, now we stand on yours."

January 14 2018 3:56 PM

The out actors make history playing the first queer couple in Star Trek’s TV universe, becoming the heroes we’ve all longed for.

January 03 2018 4:34 AM