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Star Trek Introduces Its First Gay Couple to the Universe

Star Trek

Star Trek: Discovery has boldly gone where no Star Trek show has gone before.

The CBS: All Access drama introduced a gay couple to its audience Sunday — a first in the long-running television franchise.

Previously, out actor Anthony Rapp, as Lt. Paul Stamets, made history when he was introduced in episode 3, becoming the first clearly gay character in this universe. Wilson Cruz, who portrays Dr. Hugh Culber, followed suit.

However, the sexual orientation of these characters was not confirmed until episode 5's release last weekend. In the episode's closing scene, the pair are seen brushing their teeth beside one another in matching red Star Fleet pajamas, before retiring to bed.

Just prior (spoiler), Stamets risked his life, because he refused to physically endanger a being that had been powering the ship's spore drive — an engine required to make jumps in space. After Culber expressed his medical opinion that the creature would not survive further jumps and might be sentient, Stamets took the creature's place in the drive, allowing the ship to escape an attack from enemy Klingons.

"Well, one tends to worry when they’re doomed to love a brilliant but reckless maniac who’s willing to risk his life for glory," Culber told Stamets in the closing scene. "You may not care about you. But I do."

Cruz posted on social media to commemorate the historic moment.


I may have been moved to tears watching this. @albinokid1026 #startrekdiscovery #representationmatters

A post shared by Wilson Cruz (@wcruz73) on

George Takei, the out actor who portrayed Sulu in the original series, also took to Twitter to praise the moment.

Star Trek: Discovery was co-created by an out gay man, Bryan Fuller. Although Fuller has left the series due to scheduling conflicts, Aaron Harberts, who is also gay, remains as the showrunner.

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