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Twitter Trolls Hated Star Trek's First Gay Kiss

Star Trek

Star Trek: Discovery made history Sunday, when it aired the first gay kiss in the history of the long-running sci-fi television franchise.

Twitter was full of love for the embrace between Lt. Paul Stamets (Anthony Rapp) and Dr. Hugh Culber (Wilson Cruz). "Love unites us," read the caption from the verified account of the CBS: All Access show, which is the first to introduce gay characters into this universe.

However, the kiss also brought out the haters, who responded to the historic moment with posts expressing the "ick" factor, complaints of the "gay agenda," and the spreading of harmful myths related to LGBT people.

Haters aside, Cruz has made a clear stance against the trolls who come for Star Trek's first gay characters. "I'm not here for your comfort," he said in an October Facebook post, and "LGBTQ people aren’t going to just disappear because you put your head in the sand."

And in just a few emojis, he marked the historic moment Sunday on Twitter.

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