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ART: Trygve Skogrand's Theater of Shame

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The Theater of Shame

In the exhibition titled "The Theatre of Shame" at Gallery Vasli-Souza, in Malmö, Sweden, artist Trygve Skogrand investigates shame, taking as the starting point his own story of being a gay Christian.

"I believe that many feel this shame," Skogrand states. "Whether you are too thick, old, handicapped, have mental problems, are poor, unemployed, an immigrant — the list goes on and on — you risk ending up with this deep certainty: I am unacceptable."

Skogrand uses his body as raw artistic material for the post-photographic works of meticulously constructed figures inhabiting created landscapes and settings.

Two works from the series have recently been exhibited in London and in Edinburgh, but in the upcoming exhibition at Gallery Vasli-Souza, the complete series will be on display for the first time. "The Theatre of Shame" runs March 27 through April 26.

Skogrand was born in Sunndalen, Norway, in 1967. He works mainly with post-photographic art and has exhibited in Scandinavia, Italy, and the U.K. Skogrand lives and works in Malmö. You can connect with him on Facebook here.

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