Does Jesus Love You? Books About Gays and Religion

Faitheist: How an Atheist Found Common Ground With the Religious by Chris Stedman (Beacon Press, $24.95)
“There and Back Again” may be a subtitle to The Hobbit, but it could also be applied to Chris Stedman’s new book about his journey from born-again Christian to openly gay atheist. In his book he discusses how some atheists have demonized religion and how he hopes to enlighten believers and nonbelievers with his view from both sides of faith. (


Does Jesus Really Love Me? by Jeff Chu (HarperCollins, $26.99)
One’s definition of love may not be the same as the next person’s, and that is never more apparent than in Jeff Chu’s religious pilgrimage across America. The confusion Christians experience trying to balance their contemporary belief systems with following the Bible is at an all-time high, and Chu’s quest shows America’s identity crisis in a blinding light. (


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