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Kevin Keller Finds Himself in a Love Triangle

Kevin Keller Finds Himself in a Love Triangle


Archie's pal, Kevin Keller gets his own Betty and Veronica.

Kevin Keller, the most popular gay in Riverdale. may now follow in his friend Archie's footsteps and find himself in a love triangle. The popular Archie Comics character will find himself the crush of two different guys, reveals Kevin creator, Dan Parent. In a recent interview with Comic Book Resources, Parent talks about the differences between Kevin's admirers: "His boyfriend is a new character. Devin is his name, and he's not quite what you'd expect. I wouldn't say he's a bad guy, but he's not who you'd expect Kevin to be dating. He's not as clean-cut, and he's not as lucky to have grown up with Kevin's family. His coming-out was a very different experience. There's a lot of baggage with this character, and Kevin kind of takes that all on. His parents are concerned because in any scenario, your parents want you to be with the best person you can find. We'll see how that plays out.
"Then the other character who likes Kevin -- Paul, the secret admirer -- has issues too. So we're introducing new characters, and like every other character in real life and in the Archie books, they have flaws. That makes them more interesting. Even Kevin has flaws. I know it can seem like he's perfect, but we're trying to break that down a little too."
After proving to be one of the most popular Archie Comics characters ever (his debut appearance in Veronica marked the first time an Archie title sold out in comic stores), Kevin headlined his own miniseries before eventually landing his own regular bimonthly series. In the previous issue Kevin's idol George Takei stopped by, and it looks as if Cupid will be making an appearance in upcoming issue seven when Kevin gets bit by the lovebug and begins dating Devin. Whether the love triangle proves to be as eternal as Archie's ongoing tug of war with Betty and Veronica remains to be seen, but the most prominent gay comic character embarking on his first relationship is a first for Riverdale and the comic stands in general.
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