Boyzone calling it quits

The popular Irish group Boyzone—notable not only for being a chart mainstay in the late ’90s but also for the courage of member Stephen Gately, who came out while the group was at the peak of its popularity—is splitting up, according to British newspaper The Sun. The group actually was dissolved 18 months ago in order that the members might pursue solo careers, but it was always believed that the group would get back together once the individual projects had been completed. This has not proved to be the case. Group member Ronan Keating, who has met with the most success as a solo performer, apparently has little interest in returning to the band. Another member, Mikey Graham, intimated that he could “vaguely” see a time when the band might reunite but stated, “It would have to be a different Boyzone for me.… I’m not going to go back prancing around the stage—that kid stuff, you know.”

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