Queer Eye's Carson Kressley sets his gaze on straight celebs

People.com reports that Queer Eye for the Straight Guy's fashion maven Carson Kressley has thoughts toward improving the look of certain heterosexual stars, although he insists the show is "about guys helping guys" and "waging a war against bad taste." Among his advice for celebrities? Matthew Broderick needs to work on his "baby weight," while James Gandolfini needs to "stop it!" when it comes to his casual look. The black T-shirts and blue jeans favored by Colin Farrell make the Irish star look "like a cheap hotel," while New York mayor Michael Bloomberg needs to loosen up and "bring out the funk" in his look. The 32-year-old Kressley can at least claim longevity as a style know-it-all; he claims his career got started over two decades ago: "I picked out my sister's prom dress when I was 10 and she was 18."

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