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Leslie Jordan Banishes Antigay Starbucks Patrons: 'Get Out of My House!'

Leslie Jordan Banishes Antigay Starbucks Patrons: 'Get Out of My House!'

Leslie Jordan is an actor, a screenwriter, and now a local hero, after he stood up to a group of men yelling antigay slurs at a Starbucks in West Hollywood.

Though his height may be only 4'11", the actor from The Help stood tall against three men yelling the word "faggot" at the Santa Monica Boulevard establishment, which, due to its location in the heart of the LGBT enclave, is often referred to as the "gay Starbucks."

The incident occurred Wednesday around 11 a.m., reports local news source Wehoville.

Joseph Daniels, a photographer, witnessed Jordan telling the troublemakers to "get out of my house," after the group uttered slurs while waiting in line. Beforehand, a Starbucks manager had also asked one of the men to leave, at which point he began "screaming and pointing ‘you will die fucking faggots,'" said Daniels.

Jordan continued to reprimand the group on their language and followed them outside to the sidewalk. At this point, one of the men attempted to assault the actor.

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“The guy lunged at Leslie to hit him,” Daniels recounted. “Then Leslie threw his drink at the guy. Then [another] guy threw his drink to hit me.”

Los Angeles County sheriffs' deputies arrived at the scene and interviewed witnesses. No charges were filed.

However, Daniels said the deputies warned the targets of the antigay slur against doing so, as it might also lead to the arrest of Jordan for throwing a beverage.

Afterward, he said, the men continued to yell "faggot" and make rude gestures as they walked away from the scene.

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