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How Would TV's Superheroes React to Marriage Equality?

How Would TV's Superheroes React to Marriage Equality?


The heroes and villains of The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl reveal how their character would've reacted to the Supreme Court's marriage equality decision.

Superheroes fight the never-ending battle for truth, justice, and a better way of life -- and on June 26, justice was served for the LGBT community when the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in favor of marriage equality.

While at Comic-Con International in San Diego last week, The Advocate spoke with several stars from TV's hottest superhero shows, and asked them how they think the characters they play would've reacted when they learned #LoveWins.


Melissa Benoist on Supergirl/Kara Danvers (Supergirl):

"Oh, I think she'd love it. I think she'd think it was amazing! I think what I've found playing her, there's this open, loving, kind attitude towards life. Just true pure goodness, and so I definitely think she'd be happy about it."

Willa-0_0Willa Holland on Thea Queen/Speedy (Arrow):

"Are you kidding me? She'd be popping bottles! It would be a huge parade -- a huge, massive parade. She might actually throw a parade in Starling City sponsored by Verdant [the nightclub owned and operated by Thea Queen]. That might happen. That would be incredible!"

Johndig633_0David Ramsey on John Diggle (Arrow):

"I think Diggle would be very happy about that. You know, Diggle is a military man, but he's a military guy who is on the progressive end. He's a vigilante for Christ's sake. It's interesting because you could probably argue that Diggle has some mixed views. He probably has some very right-wing views and some very progressive views now that I'm thinking about it. He just mowed right through the League of Assassins [last season on Arrow], so he probably believes in capital punishment -- which is more to the right. But he's more progressive in terms of mixed relationships, transgender rights, and things like that. So I would say he would probably be very happy with what happened federally just recently."

Grant-0_0Grant Gustin on Barry Allen/The Flash (The Flash):

I think he'd feel the way I feel about it. I bring a lot of my heart to the character, and I don't think it was ever a thing for Barry on the show -- that his boss is a gay man married to another gay man... It just is what it is. Now, if he was invited [to Captain Singh's wedding] he would've celebrated with him. But he probably wasn't invited -- I would imagine. [Laughs.] But I would imagine he probably sent him a congratulations bouquet or something -- and a card!"

Tom-0_0Tom Cavanagh on Dr. Harrison Wells/The Reverse Flash (The Flash):

"He'd be like, 'Duh! My God, you idiots! Oh God, [it only took until] 2015. Good work everybody. Ugh, these humans!'"

Candice1_0Candice Patton on Iris West (The Flash):

"She would've been one of the first people reporting about it, and advocating for it. I think Iris, her morality is so in check and she does what's right. She's a heart person. I always say the S.T.A.R. Labs team, they think with their minds, they're science and tech. But Iris is heart, she's Earth, and she's street. So I think she would be all about it."

Stephen-0_0Stephen Amell on Green Arrow/Oliver Queen (Arrow):

"If you want to know Oliver Queen's public policies, you are going to love [Arrow] season 4."

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