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18 Allies Wearing Safety Pins as a Stand Against Hate

Safety Pin

Since Donald Trump’s election, there has been a rise in reports of hate speech and violence across the country. While Trump has publicly told his supporters to stop harassing members of vulnerable communities, and said that marriage equality is “settled,” he also made an alt-right racist his chief strategist, and has said that he’s open to appointing Supreme Court justices who will overturn marriage equality. That has many of America’s minority populations living in fear of a future in Trump’s America. 

But Trump didn’t win the popular vote in the election, and those who stand with us are more than those who stand against us. Allies of disenfranchised people have found a way of showing their solidarity and creating a public safe space by wearing safety pins in public and in pictures on social media.

From everyday allies to celebrities, here are some of the people who are doing their part to make the world a little safer.

Bex Taylor-Klaus, star of MTV’s Scream, who has played lesbian characters more than once, shows her support.

Many regular folks offered hugs and smiles as well.

California Rep. Barbara Lee pledged to stand with us.

Many of the beautiful people wearing safety pins are marching in protests and donating to important charities.

Sir Patrick Stewart, a longtime ally to LGBT people, made sure to post a selfie with his safety pin.

Though Trump may have won the election, people aren’t giving up on the slogan “Love Trumps Hate.”

The safety pin represents more than just passive support, but a commitment to continue fighting.

There’s something touching about seeing a safety pin on military insignia.

The ACLU invites us all to join in on the stand against hate.

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