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Olympic Swimmer Dan Jervis Comes Out as Gay

The Olympian, who placed fifth in his event in Tokyo last year, says he wants to be a role model for other LGBTQ+ people.

Elite Cyclist Clay Davies Comes Out, Slams His Sport

Davies decried professional cycling's lack of support for LGBTQ+ riders.

Sir Ian McKellen Enthusiastically Receives COVID-19 Vaccine

"I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone."

Explosive Growth in LGBTQ+ Parenting Recorded In This Country

One in six children were adopted by same-sex couples in this European country.

Closeted U.K. Man Killed Wife So He Could Run Off With Grindr Lover

Mitesh Patel was found guilty of strangling his young wife, blaming his actions on fears of being outed.

British Parliament Member Reveals He's HIV+ in Speech to Remove Stigma

Lloyd Russell-Moyer made his moving speech in honor of the 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day. 

Gay Soccer Coach Who Feared Coming Out Gets Overwhelming Support

Footballer Greg McClean's fears of coming out to his soccer team were proven to be unnecessary when he was met with open arms and acceptance.

This Home Protects LGBT Asylum Seekers

Now there's a place to call home, when home isn't safe. 

Neo-Nazi Renouces His Beliefs and Comes out as Gay and Jewish

Longtime neo-Nazi and former British National Front member Kevin Wilshaw has publicly renounced his beliefs and come out as both gay and Jewish. 

Women of BBC Say Company Shouldn't Wait to Fix Pay Gap

The BBC had planned to fix the pay gap over a series of years.

Coroner Confirms George Michael Died of Natural Causes

Although the preliminary autopsy was deemed "inconclusive," a more thorough examination revealed the singer died of "dilated cardiomyopathy with myocarditis and fatty liver:" heart trouble and too much fat in his liver.

Where is the Former UK Spy Who Wrote that Salacious Trump Dossier?

The source of the most talked about and totally unverified claim that Russia may have compromised president-elect Donald Trump is a former British spy, who at the moment, no one can find.

British Army's Highest-ranking Transgender Soldier Honored

Capt. Hannah Winterbourne is being considered for a Millie, an award bestowed each year by U.K. paper The Sun.

British Bonfire Society to Burn Donald Trump in Effigy

Every November 5th, the U.K. commemorates the attempt by Guy Fawkes and his fellow conspirators to blow up Parliament in 1605 with fireworks, a big bonfire and a burning in effigy.

This UK Leader Wants LGBT History Taught to Kids

"I want it to become part of the norm of discussion in schools, so discussing it in literature, discussing it in history, so that we don't treat it as separate."

Out Paralympian Makes History in Rio as UK's First Gay Flagbearer

By carrying the flag for his British homeland, Lee Pearson becomes the first openly gay flagbearer at any Paralympics or Olympic Games. 

Kiss-in Takes Over Store That Kicked Out Two Men

Security at the supermarket had told two men they'd have to leave if they were holding hands.

Gay British Paralympian Forced to Crawl Off Airplane

British Paralympian Claire Harvey details her humiliating experience on the official airline of the Paralympic Championships October 30.