WATCH: Allstate Wants LGBTs to Be #OutHoldingHands

WATCH: Allstate Wants LGBTs to Be #OutHoldingHands

Allstate has released a touching video ad that promotes acceptance of LGBT people.

Set to the music of out singer Eli Lieb’s “Safe in My Hands,” the video short is an animated ode to tolerance, telling the allegorical story of a man who is ostracized throughout his life for having an unusually large hand.

After enduring stares and discrimination for his unusual trait, the character's feelings of shame dissipate when he falls in love with another man with the same physical characteristic. By finding each other, they are able to proudly walk hand in hand in public.

“We believe everyone should be treated with respect and without judgment no matter who they love,” Allstate captioned beneath the video, which concludes with a visual transition to a real-life gay couple.

Last year, Allstate ran a print ad campaign that featured photos of gay couples, with the tagline “Being visible should never leave you feeling vulnerable.” The video is part of the insurance company’s 2014 LGBT campaign, which includes an online photo gallery of real-life couples.

To participate, add the hastag #OutHoldingHands to a Twitter or Instagram picture. And watch the video below.

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