Our Favorite Colbert Moments

Our Favorite Colbert Moments

Stephen Colbert has been picked to take over the show that David Letterman has hosted for decades, adding his name to the short list of funny people to send America to sleep in a good mood. Would we have liked an LGBT host? Or a woman? Or a person of color? Yes, of course. But Stephen Colbert is a fine choice nonetheless (though days may be numbered for the Colbert Nation, as we know it, since he's going to drop his fake-conservative act to take over Late Show in 2015). For the uninitiated (or those who just love watching videos of Stephen Colbert), here are 15 of our favorites. But there are plenty more from his career! Tell us your favorite Colbert moments in the comments below.


The notorious roast of President Bush at the 2006 White House Correspondents Dinner. I mean, we liked Stephen Colbert before this happened, but this just proved the guy's got guts...


"We're here, we're sheared, get used to it..."

Remember the hot mess that was the crazy Proposition 8 ad, "A Storm Is Coming," from the National Organization for Marriage? The Colbert Coalition's ad was the equally preposterous answer to that one, as marriage legislation was introduced in New York State in 2009...

Here's Colbert with gay teenage scientist Jack Andraka, who demonstrates the test he developed to detect several types of cancer. The cute thing is that he genuinely makes Colbert laugh...


Colbert went to Congress to talk about migrant workers and immigration; those House members were not happy about it...

"Oopsie-Daisy Homophobe," Colbert's answer (with an assist from Alan Cumming) to Brad Paisley and LL Cool J's uncomfortable "Accidental Racist..."  


Colbert went to the Vancouver Olympics Pride House with Qmunity executive director Jennifer Breakspear. This is a two-parter, with a glimpse into the setup of "Stephen Colbert..."



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