WATCH: Stephen Colbert Orders Sex and Tortillas

WATCH: Stephen Colbert Orders Sex and Tortillas

Stephen Colbert loves a big burrito.

The faux-conservative talk-show host performed a faux porn scene with a man delivering Mexican food during an interview with the congressman for California's 29th District, in Los Angeles's San Fernando Valley, which is known for the production of porn and tortillas.

“Congressman, did you order Mexican?” Colbert asked Rep. Tony Cárdenas when a deliveryman from “Senor Grande’s” rang the doorbell during the Colbert Report segment. “Well, then, I guess I’ll just let him give it to me.

“Wow, that’s a big burrito,” he continued as porn-style music was cued. He then shared a bite of said burrito with the deliveryman in a scene of mock fellatio.

Muy caliente,” indeed. Watch the scene with Colbert, known as “Caesar Honeybee” in this sketch, below.

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