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Twitter Loved SNL's 'Gay Robot'

Twitter Loved SNL's 'Gay Robot'


The bizarre sketch suggested that efforts for inclusion can sometimes go awry.

While most of the world reacted to Saturday Night Live's political sketches this weekend, another one elicited quite a response.

That would be the "Gay Robot" sketch, featuring Beck Bennett as Microsoft's latest creation; a male automaton who prefers sex with men. Microsoft employees potrayed by Fred Armisen and Kate McKinnon (who is herself gay) are showing off the robot at a tech conference, but are insulted when an attendee (played by host Casey Affleck) asks why the robot was programmed to be gay.

"Why not?" McKinnon responds.

Things get more dicey when the robot displays a swishy walk and another gay robot makes a grand entrance and displays an effeminate voice and mannerisms.

When Affleck's character acts shocked at the robot's behavior, it's not clear who's being offensive; him or the Microsoft employees.

The desired effect seems to be poking fun at stereotypes and the subjective moment when they cross the line. Viewers seemed to appreciate SNL's take on so-called PC culture.

The idea of a gay robot isn't new, though. Comedian Nick Swardson created a web series in 2006 about just such a creation.

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