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SNL Snuck in 12 Serious Reasons to Worry About Trump

SNL Snuck in 12 Serious Reasons to Worry About Trump

Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton

Are electors rethinking their votes on Monday? A pretend Hillary Clinton can dream.

Kate McKinnon's earnest yet ambitious Hillary Clinton has a message for electors who are supposed to meet on Monday and cast their votes for Donald J. Trump.

In a Christmas-themed parody of Love Actually, Clinton shows up at the door of a member of the Electoral College and makes the case that Trump can't be trusted. The reasons get laughs but many are true and didn't need embellishment for laughs.

Here are the top 12 reasons on Clinton's list -- which was as many as we could write down when she dropped a stack of cue cards:

1. He's refusing security briefings.

2. He's already provoked the Chinese.

3. His entire Cabinet is antigay, anti-environment, and anti-woman.

4. He attacked a union leader on Twitter.

5. He has business conflicts all over the world.

6. He knew Russia was involved in hacking the election.

7. He won't acknowledge Aleppo but tweets about Saturday Night Live.

8. His daughter sits in on meetings with foreign leaders.

9. His secretary of State received the Order of Friendship from Russia.

10. His secretary of Education is anti-public schools.

11. His vice president believes in conversion therapy.

12. More than a dozen women have accused him of sexual assault.

Watch the sketch from Saturday's show below.

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