SNL: Kellyanne Conway Morphs Into Pennywise to Terrorize Anderson Cooper


Kellyanne Conway has been a target of Saturday Night Live since she emerged as a loyal spokesperson for presidential candidate Donald Trump last year. Her first appearance on the show — as played by out comedian Kate McKinnon — was a harried working woman trying to manage her boss's regular crises.

McKinnon's depictions of Conway have gotten much darker after Trump was elected by the Electoral College. Conway has since been bumped from many media appearances, thanks to her use of "alternative facts." She was played as a fame-hungry liar in a brilliant Chicago-themed January sketch. Back in February, SNL depicted her as a mentally disturbed woman stalking journalist Jake Tapper in a characterization straight out of Fatal Attraction.

It got even darker last night (emphasis on the It) when Conway was portrayed as Pennywise the Clown, the sadistic antagonistic of the hit horror movie. Conway the Clown lures Anderson Cooper into the sewer — where she already trapped Rachel Maddow — by pretending she's Hillary Clinton. From there, it's pure horror (and comedy). Wonder if Conway is laughing this one off?

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