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Randy Rainbow on Trump's Racism, Desperation: 'Poor Deplorable Troll'


The gay comedian mines The Little Mermaid for a hilarious indictment of the flailing president.

Donald Trump's reelection effort is in bad shape -- thanks to his negligence in handling the COVID-19 pandemic, the related economic free fall, the simmering fury over police violence, and new reports of his obsequiousness toward Russian President Vladimir Putin, he's behind Joe Biden in national and battleground polls. His solution has been to dial up the racism.

Trump has vilified the Black Lives Matter movement, equating it to hate. He's championing Confederate statues and bases named after slaveowners and leaders of the 19th-century insurrection, and, today slammed Black NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace for complaining about what appeared to be a noose in his garage, demanding the driver apologize (ostensibly for complaining about racism).

Gay comedian Randy Rainbow hits the nail on the head with his latest ditty, "Poor Unfortunate Troll," highlighting the hate Trump believes will propel him to reelection. Riffing on the song "Poor Unfortunate Souls," sung by Pat Carroll in Disney's The Little Mermaid (as sea witch Ursula, a character partially based on drag legend Divine), Rainbow knocks Trump for letting the country "go to shit" and pokes fun at the under-attended rallies he's thrown in the past weeks.

Rainbow also harangues Trump's insistence on cutting back on COVID tests so the pandemic doesn't seem as bad as it truly is.

"He's terribly annoyed by all the dead and unemployed because he only cares about his own PR," Rainbow sings. "He's so afraid he might flunk he just hides out in his bunker working out his tired hacky old routine. ... All your wacky racist rants have every pundit, pro, and poll saying you'll lose your election, like you've lost your self-control."

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