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Randy Rainbow Lambastes 'Fresh New Fascist' Ron DeSantis in His Latest Parody

Randy Rainbow Lambastes 'Fresh New Fascist' Ron DeSantis in His Latest Parody

Randy Rainbow and Ron DeSantis

The Florida governor with presidential ambitions is ready to take the nation back to the "bigoted old-timey days," Rainbow sings in "Welcome to DeSantis."

Randy Rainbow has Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in his satirical sights, noting in a new parody song that the Republican governor with presidential ambitions is trying to “drag this country straight to hell.”

In “Welcome to DeSantis!,” set to the tune of “Welcome to the 60’s” from the musical version of Hairspray, Rainbow sings, “Hey MAGA, hey MAGA, y’all take note / he’s the Trump alternative who wants your vote / hey Donald, hey Donald, get in line / there’s a fresh new fascist trynna steal your shine.”

DeSantis is “a new kind of awful,” and with him we can “bid all drag shows and freedoms farewell,” Rainbow notes. He adds, “Welcome to the bigoted old-timey days / where we ban all the books and hate all the gays.”

He also conducts a fabricated interview with DeSantis in which Rainbow asks, “Have you ever met a gay person before?” and the governor answers, “I deal better with regular people.” Rainbow goes on to say, “This country’s in a slow-burning Uber X headed right back to the Dark Ages, and baby, you’re just the heartless autocratic wannabe to drive us there!”

DeSantis is well known for his many regressive actions, which include signing the infamous “don’t say gay” bill into law, limiting classroom instruction about LGBTQ+ identity; backing a ban on gender-affirming care for transgender youth; signing a bill banning abortion after six weeks of pregnancy; retaliating against Disney for opposing “don’t say gay” and supporting diversity and inclusion; and much, much more. Most recently, he approved legislation allowing medical professionals and insurers to refuse certain services because of “conscience-based objections,” which could lead to denial of care to LGBTQ+ people and many others.

Below, watch Rainbow give DeSantis a well-deserved skewering.

Welcome to DeSantis! - A Randy Rainbow Song

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