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Millions will be affected by United States v. Texas, writes Arcelia Hurtado of the National Center for Lesbian Rights.

April 19 2016 5:40 AM

Leaders of A Wider Bridge tout the value of engaging with LGBT Israelis.

April 19 2016 5:23 AM

Brandy Black and wife Susan break down the must-knows for those who are ready to take the leap or already have.

April 18 2016 6:21 AM

Here's your primer on where we go from here.

April 18 2016 6:13 AM

This Advocate editor's memory of her college town has changed after the state passed its infamous anti-LGBT law. 

April 15 2016 6:37 AM

GLSEN's Camille Beredjick says Friday's Day of Silence is not just shutting up, it's standing up.

April 15 2016 4:43 AM

It's easy to dismiss everything below the Mason-Dixon Line. It's harder and more necessary to actually help people in this troubled part of the world.

April 14 2016 6:23 AM