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WATCH: Another Gay Bashing in NYC

WATCH: Another Gay Bashing in NYC

Kevin Kiadii, a 25-year-old freelance makeup artist, says he was attacked Wednesday night while walking in Brooklyn's Prospect Park.

Kiadii says four teens approached him and his friend. Trying to diffuse a potential situation, Kiadii offered them a soda but one of the teens got in his face and began screaming antigay epithets at him. After one took a fighting stance, Kiadii told them to back off.

"When I said that, the one that was really intoxicated jumped into my face and said, 'I'm going to [expletive] you up' and do this and 'you F and [expletive],' and I went into my bag, and pulled out my bottle of perfume, to imitate pepper spray," Kiadii told CBS New York.

The teens attacked and one tried to kick Kiadii in the face, but missed, hitting his shoulder. Kiadii managed to dial 911 and hand his phone to a bystander. Police quickly responded and the teens, ranging in age from 13 to 18, were arrested and charged with a hate crime.

Kiadii is known to some as one of the alleged victims of Kevin Clash, the one-time voice of Elmo. Kiadii claims Clash sexually abused him when the former was a minor; he's suing the puppeteer.

The Prospect Park attack marks the thirtieth antigay attack in New York City this year, twice the amount last year, and the tenth in May.

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