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Elton John

The gay icon won Best Original Song for Rocketman's "I’m Gonna (Love Me Again)," alongside longtime collaborator Bernie Taupin.

February 09 2020 11:01 PM

The biopic of Elton John's life has been degayed for airline audiences.

October 30 2019 4:05 PM

John came down with a life-threatening infection after having his prostate removed. 

October 07 2019 2:37 PM

Dexter Fletcher, who made the Elton John biopic and finished Bryan Singer's Freddie Mercury film, spoke candidly about the movies' differences to The Advocate.

June 05 2019 4:57 PM

The film sees its global take rise to over $56 million.

June 03 2019 8:47 AM

A de-gayed version of the Elton John biopic premiered in the nation.

May 31 2019 3:20 PM Updated