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Why It’s Important That Our Pets Eat as Well as We Do

Why It’s Important That Our Pets Eat as Well as We Do


When our pets feel good, everyone wins.

I saw a cheesy bumper sticker from an animal rescue organization that read, "Who Rescued Who?" It was referring to the many blessings that animals bring into our life. Some may roll their eyes at such thick sentimentality, but being the proud papa of two rescue pets, I totally get it.


Sammy is now 16 years old-ish. When he was adopted outside a pet store in 2002, they said he was probably about 1 or 2. As with most of my friends in Los Angeles, his actual age is a mystery. Sammy was my rock through the awkwardness of my 20s, through breakups, major moves and even personal tragedies. No matter what occurs in life he remains my constant friend, always available to give a little love when it's needed the most.

My family has grown. I'm in my 30s, have a husband and another rescue dog, Bodhi. We do everything together. I'm proud of the level of attention we put into taking care of one another. I like to think that everyone feels loved; that's what family's all about, right?

We acknowledge our pets' contribution to the family by making sure they get plenty of attention, exercise and nutritious food. Like most things, the relationship we have with our pets is an exchange. They provide enthusiasm, comfort, and love, and in exchange we do our best to give them the ingredients to live a healthy active life.


As a chef, I'm particular when it comes to the food I serve. The quality of our meals has direct effects on our energy level, brain function. and general health. I'm not going to eat something that makes me feel lethargic and heavy, and I'm definitely not serving a bunch of junk to my family either.

My pets eat the same kind of quality food that my husband and I enjoy. Sure, it comes in different packaging, but the labels are similar and so is the care put into its preparation. We look for natural ingredients and support trusted brands that put thought into the manufacturing process. Our pets take such good care of us, and we do our best to return the favor.

Any quality pet-owner will tell you that every pet has a personality of their own. They're members of the family, and that's why their health and well-being is a priority. It's essential that they have balanced diets that help them feel their best. When our pets feel good, everyone wins.

When I think of how much Sammy and Bodhi had enriched my life, making sure they have good food in their bowl seems like the very least I can do.

Jesse Brune-Horan is a healthy and happy living expert living in Los Angeles with his husband, Christopher, and his two dogs, Sammy (age 16), and Bodhi (age 4).

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