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Paris Hilton Is Sliving in Her Best Era Yet

Paris Hilton Is Sliving in Her Best Era Yet

<p>Paris Hilton Is Sliving in Her Best Era Yet</p>
Kevin Ostajewski

From new music to motherhood and a business empire, this queen isn't slowing down.


That's hot.

Paris Hilton is a true mogul that continues to slay every kind of industry that she puts her mind to.

As a world famous DJ, fashion icon, author, philanthropist, and mother, Hilton inspires many with her drive to be her best self.

Plus, she's brought her talents to stages across the country this past Pride Month by performing two electrifying performances at Pride festivals in Los Angeles and New York City. Little Hiltons saw the DJ bring out plenty of special guests, including Kim Petras, to perform new music and make history.

Beyond the many hats that she wears every day, the star is also using her personal experience growing up in the clubs as inspiration for her brand new iHeartPodcast The History of the World’s Greatest Nightclubs.

The new show takes audiences on a journey as they explore the history of nightlife and music through some of the most legendary nightclub destinations. Hilton serves as an executive producer of the series through her next-gen media company 11:11 Media while singer-songwriter, Ultra Naté, acts as host.

Hilton recently caught up with The Advocate to talk all about her iconic Pride performances, new music, and why this is her best era yet. Naté also joined to spill on everything fans can expect on The History of the World’s Greatest Nightclubs.

Advocate: Congratulations on The History of the World’s Greatest Nightclubs! Why did you want to create this new podcast?

Paris: Nightclubs have always been a very really special place for me. It was the first time that I truly felt free after leaving Provo Canyon School. Nightclubs have been an important backdrop to my life, my love of music, and my love of DJing. We first started thinking about this idea towards the end of the pandemic when things started opening back up again. Given how devastated the whole nightlife industry was at that time, I thought it was really important for people to understand the importance of nightlife. Most importantly, we wanted to create a love letter to the people who make nightclubs so special. There's so many fascinating, amazing stories that happen in these clubs. I just thought it would be the most amazing podcast to be able to hear about all these stories from the people who lived them.

Advocate: Ultra, you get to actually host this exciting new podcast. How incredible has it been for you to host this series and help tell these stories?

Ultra: It's been amazing. From the moment that I was first contacted, I couldn't believe it. It's such a significant piece of history that's put together in such a way that's easy for people to digest. It's educational, it's informative, but it's engaging and fun. If you're part of club culture, there's the emotional relationship that's there as well. It's celebrating what this industry, what this whole lifestyle and culture, is about. I can't thank Paris and company enough.

Advocate: Paris, we've seen you perform as a DJ on iconic stages all around the world. How did your love of DJing inspire this podcast?

Paris: Music is everything to me. There's nothing like the feeling of seeing hundreds of thousands of people light up, dancing, smiling, and having the best time listening to my DJ sets. I just wanted people to be able to feel that. With this podcast, you really feel like you're there with the way they tell the stories. I was so excited to have Ultra be the host and the face of the podcast. When I got out of that boarding school, the first club I went to, I heard her song "Free" playing. That song is my anthem for life! I was so excited when we contacted her and she said "yes." Her music has been so inspiring to me and has been such a huge part of my life. To have her perform with me for my first ever time for Pride at the Fonda Theatre was just one of the most iconic nights of my life. I'm so grateful to have her a part of this with me.

Advocate: Ultra, your music has clearly inspired so many people out there. Did your love of music motivate you to host this podcast?

Ultra: Absolutely! The timing is so strange. My friend Giant had been asking me for a year to consider doing a podcast of some sort. Three days before I got the email from Paris' company, I had finally had the "aha" moment to start to explore it. The universe manifested it with the most amazing situation that brings so much joy to people, which is really what Paris and I are all about as club kids ourselves. You're transported to someplace else, you're elevated to another space that's really beautiful. It can be very magical and therapeutic also.

Advocate: Speaking of magical places, Paris we have to talk all about your viral Pride performances in LA and New York. What was that experience like for you to perform at both cities?

Paris: It was the most incredible nights of my life. Literally. Doing my first ever live concert in LA at the Fonda Theatre, celebrating Pride... it felt like the most magical, loving, happiest, room in the world. Being able to perform in front of all of my Little Hiltons was such an incredible experience I'll never forget. Having such amazing surprise guests with Ultra, Saweetie, Kim Petras, and all of my queens that came out like Sugar and Spice, Sasha Colby... it was just such a special evening.

Then, I had to bring it over to the east coast and perform at Dreamland for the first ever Pride in Central Park, which was so iconic. I had my girl Kim Petras come to sing "Stars Are Blind" again. Also, it was so awesome to have Aqua come on stage. It was their first performance for "Barbie Girl" in 25 years. To have them come on stage with me and sing that song, which has always been a big part of my life as well, was so special. I love this community so much. I can't wait to do it again next year.

Advocate: Ultra, how did it feel joining Paris on stage for her LA Pride performance?

Ultra: It was amazing. Pride, for me, is always so much fun. The kids are ready to bring happiness and joy. That's what it's really all about. Every Pride that I've done is full of lots of love. The kids are ready to give me love and just hear whatever songs I decide to. They're waiting with open arms and I love that.

Advocate: Paris, you mentioned your new remix of "Stars Are Blind" with Kim Petras. Kim is having such a moment right now. How much fun did you have re-recording this song with her and performing it at Pride?

Paris: I love Kim so much. I'm so incredibly proud of her. I've been with her since day one when she asked me to be in her first music video for "I Don't Want It All." From the moment I heard that song, I knew that girl was going to be such a huge star. To see her on stage at the Grammys winning, I was just in tears and so proud of her. When I was thinking of doing a remix of "Stars Are Blind," I just thought she would be so perfect for it. She sang that song at my wedding and it was such a special moment. I love working with her, being with her, supporting her. I'm obsessed with her new album Feed the Beast. It's so sick. Everybody loves this new version of "Stars Are Blind." It's been such a huge part of my life. That song is just so timeless and so iconic. I feel like I'm going to be releasing a lot of different versions with other people as well, but I thought Kim would be the best first person to do it with.

Advocate: Ultra, do you have new music coming down the pipeline as well?

Ultra: Always! There's always new music. There's old music that's come back! We just released "If You Could Read My Mind," my classic hit from 1998. The 25th anniversary was this week! I also have a new single coming out in a couple weeks and a new remix of "Free" that's coming out in a couple weeks as well. Then of course, I'll have the deluxe edition of my new album Ultra that's being released September 15th.

Advocate: Paris, you also have a new song that people can listen to besides your "Stars Are Blind" remix. What can we expect in terms of new music?

Paris: I just released my newest song "Hot One," produced by Alex Chapman. The response has just been so incredible. I thought it was the perfect song to release with my new Taco Bell campaign. We've just been in the studio recording. There's so many tracks coming in every single day. I've been recording three songs a day every time I'm in the studio. The album is just sounding incredible. It's pop, fun... just bops. It's going to be epic. I'm just so excited for everyone to hear everything. I'll be releasing some other singles coming up.

Advocate: Paris, I have one last question for you. The keyword everyone is using these days is "era" and you seem to be in your best era yet with all of your passions, being a mother, and achieving your dreams. How much are you loving this current era that you're in right now?

Paris: This is the best era of my life right now! I'm in my pop star / advocate / boss babe / mom / author era (laughs). I do it all! I just feel so grateful for everything in my life and all my fans who have supported me for so long. The response to my book, Paris: The Memoir, has been so much emotional and overwhelming of love and support from everyone. This is the best place of my life I've ever been. I'm so excited for everything that's happening and everything that will be happening in the future.

The History of the Greatest Nightclubs is distributed by iHeartPodcasts and is available on the iHeartRadio app and everywhere podcasts are heard.

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Ricky Cornish is an on-air correspondent for Equal Pride, where he's breaking down the latest in pop culture for Out Magazine,, Plus Magazine, The Advocate, and Out Traveler.

Based in Las Vegas, Ricky can be seen interviewing the biggest celebrities at red carpets and premiere events around the city.

To follow Ricky and see what's trending, you can follow him on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, andYouTube.