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Dad Claps Back at Homophobic Troll Regarding Daughter's Halloween Costume 

Dad Claps Back at Homophobic Troll Regarding Daughter's Halloween Costume 


An online troll said letting a little girl dress as Thor would make her a lesbian. Her father said that's fine.

A father had a beautiful response in defending his daughter against homophobic rhetoric after he shared a photo of the 6-year-old dressed as Thor on the popular entertainment and news site Reddit.

The now-deleted comment read, "This is how you create a lesbian. Better counteract now," reports SomeEcards.

The proud dad was quick to clap back, showing unwavering support for his daughter.

"So you think you there is something wrong if my daughter was to grow up to be lesbian? As her father all I want for my daughter is for her to grow up, be happy and be healthy, if she grows up to be gay and that makes her happy so be it," the father responded. "You really need to take a look in the mirror and think do you want to be that person who try's [sic] to somehow in your twisted way insult a 6 year old who is clearly happy dressed as her favourite superhero?"

Though there were a few negative responses to the Halloween costume, a majority of the posts seemed supportive of both the father and the daughter. Some people said they wished that their parents would have allowed them to dress as their favorite hero regardless of their gender, and others said that seeing the post made them feel more comfortable with the costume they chose, reports U.K. newspaper The Sun.

"To be honest I don't even see it as a girl dressing up as a boy, I just see my daughter really happy, having fun dressed up as Thor," the father wrote to a Reddit user. "I'm glad you feel comfortable dressing as your heroes now."

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