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Kristen Stewart's Sublimely Queer Explanation of Her Halloween Costume

Kristen Stewart

The Charlie's Angels star appeared on Jimmy Fallon's show as a dead baseball player -- with caveats. 

Ahead of her anticipated second Saturday Night Live hosting gig and the release of the new Charlie's Angels movie November 15, Kristen Stewart appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon dressed as a zombie baseball player. When Fallon asked her what her costume was meant to be, she hedged a little before giving a wonderfully queer answer.

"There's a very long explanation, which makes my costume very characteristically weird and awkward because it's not like, 'I'm a dead baseball player.'"

"My girlfriend is a dead cheerleader, so she's like a fear leader."

"She was like, when people ask what we are we should just be like, 'We're socially irrelevant heteronormative gender roles' -- that are DEAD!" Stewart said.

"Wow. Oh, my gosh, how 2019 of you," Fallon said.

"I know. It's embarrassing," Stewart added, tossing her baseball in the air and catching it.

The last time Stewart hosted SNL she said in her monologue that Donald Trump wouldn't like her because "I'm like so gay, dude" and followed that up with a now-classic faux Totinos commercial in which she made out with Vanessa Bayer's unfulfilled housewife. Already this week, she's appeared in a promo in which she faces off with Kate McKinnon before thumb-wrestling her way to victory.

The new Charlie's Angels, from director Elizabeth Banks, is queerer and more feminist than the previous iterations of the franchise.

Watch Stewart on Fallon's show below:

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