As U.K. Weighs Poppers Ban, MP Comes Out as User


A bill proposed in the U.K. would ban numerous psychoactive substances, including poppers, which many gay and bisexual men use to increase libido, intensify sexual pleasure, and ease anal intercourse.

During discussion over the Psychoactive Substances Bill, gay MP Crispin Blunt, who chairs Parliament's Foreign Affairs Select Committee, called a ban on poppers "foolish" and "stupid."

“I use poppers," Blunt said, according to The Guardian. "I out myself as a poppers user. And would be directly affected by this legislation. And I was astonished to find that it’s proposed they be banned and, frankly, so were very many gay men."

Blunt, the uncle of actress Emily Blunt, said making the drug illegal will push popper purchases underground and create a dangerous scenario. 

"The issue is about supply and, what it might do to someone like me, is to put me into the hands of the criminals to get my supply for something that I used to think was perfectly OK," Blunt said. "Like me, obviously not me, because I respect the law of the land."

The proposed law would ban the sale of poppers but wouldn't criminalize the purchase of them.

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