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Transphobic Pundit Caroline Farrow Has Deleted Her Twitter

Caroline Farrow
screenshot/ Good Morning Britain

The British pundit fled Twitter, accusing critics of stalking her online.

An anti-LGBTQ pundit has apparently deleted her Twitter account and fled social media.

Caroline Farrow, who has repeatedly shamed trans women in British media, apparently shut down her Twitter account after claiming she was being stalked online by a handful of trans activists.

"We all know what's happening to me. I'm stalked from platform to platform in a way which is oppressive," Farrow wrote in one of her final tweets, captured in a screen shot. "Effectively it's going to take years of my grey rocking for people to lose their grip. So for the sake of everyone's sanity, I'm deleting my account."

Farrow, of course, has developed a following precisely through the use of her platform to attack trans women, including many of her supposed bullies by name.

In another tweet as she left the platform, she specifically singled out Joss Prior and Penelope Doe by name, and suggesting enemies online were coming after her family.

Farrow's departure did come after a multi-day Twitter back-and-forth between Farrow and Prior. At one point, Farrow said, "I'm only scared of violent ugly men who think they are women Joss. And people with psychosis."

On Tuesday, Prior was taking a victory lap over Farrow's exit from the social media platform.

"Dear God, may our recently departed friend find happiness and fulfillment bless them with the ability of self-reflection and improvement," Prior tweeted, "that, or curse them with itchy bum-spiders every time they stand in a checkout queue. Amen."

But Doe, for her part, said no harassment of Farrow's family ever took place.

"She's completely deluded. No one mentions her kids," Doe tweeted. "She quotes them on Twitter. Someone responds. And suddenly they are attacking her children. I mean, how does that work?"

Twitter user @abadgirly was also singled out by Farrow, and said the accusations just seek to cast blame.

"It's like the kids school tired old complaint. I've never once seen her kids school name, nor heard it," @abadgirly wrote. "I think that is true of everyone yet she's made it a 'fact' she's blamed on everyone at some point... It's bollocks."

Farrow, of course, has a long record of offensive statements. A self-described Catholic journalist, Farrow earlier this year took public issue with a zoo exhibit that went up for Pride. At the time, she labeled gay penguins as "deviant."

She also has gone on Good Morning Britain to defend misgendering the transgender daughter of Susie Green. That harassment actually reached the level of prompting a police investigation.

"I'm absolutely not regretful," she said of the time she literally went after someone's family on social media.

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