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Catholic Journalist Slams London Zoo's 'Deviant' Gay Penguins


A writer has ignited a Twitter firestorm for attacking a zoo's Pride exhibit.

A Catholic journalist has criticized the London Zoo for supporting its gay penguins -- and has received a sizable amount of backlash of social media for doing so.

Caroline Farrow took issue with pro-LGBTQ signage at the zoo's penguin beach colony, which reads, "Some penguins are gay, get over it."

The banner is part of the Get Over It! campaign, created by the United Kingdom's largest LGBTQ organization, Stonewall, in order to fight homophobic, biphobic, and transphobic bullying.

The pro-gay message is also tied to Zoo Nights, a Pride-related program that teaches visitors about same-sex behavior among animals. Indeed, the London Zoo has several gay penguin couples, including Ronnie and Reggie, Nadja and Zimmer, and Dev and Martin.

However, last week, Farrow took to Twitter to blast the campaign as inappropriate for children.

Farrow's tweets sparked a fair amount of backlash from Twitter users, who pointed out how same-sex attraction is common in the animal kingdom and the conversation with children around this subject need not be complicated.

As the criticisms poured in, Farrow doubled down on her bigoted stance and went so far as to call the gay penguins "deviant."

"Still so much anger. All over saying that the deviant behaviour of penguins isn't analogous to humans and we shouldn't look to the animal kingdom for morality," she said, adding, "And children shouldn't be subject to aggressive ideological messaging."

Farrow even attacked a children's book about gay penguins and their chick, And Tango Makes Three. She said her children "cried and found it incredibly traumatic that the baby penguin didn't have a mummy."

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