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Michael Sam

26 Football Players Who Came Out of the Closet

Here's a list of gay players who made it to the end zone.

Michael Sam: Missouri Bill Undermines Our Dignity

The first openly gay man drafted by the NFL is sounding off on a proposed anti-LGBT amendment in the state that helped him make history.


Michael Sam: I've Been Told I'm 'Not Gay' or 'Black Enough'

Michael Sam spoke about the misconceptions of homophobia in the black community, and how racism is prevalent in the gay community. 


Michael Sam Covers Attitude's All American Issue

The former NFL player embodies an 'All American' man in the UK magazine's May issue.

Rams Only Drafted Michael Sam to Avoid TV Show

Sources in St. Louis say the out player was drafted by the Rams because the team wanted to avoid being on an HBO show about NFL training camps.

Michael Sam Tackling the Opponents of LGBT Rights

The openly gay former NFL player is doing an end run around oppoents of Houston's law protecting all citizens from discrimination. 

Michael Sam Quits Football, Cites Mental Health Concerns

Sam announced his departure from the Montreal Alouettes in a series of tweets Friday night.

WATCH: Michael Sam's Return to Football

After abruptly leaving the Montreal Alouettes, the out player returns for his first game.

Michael Sam Back With Montreal Team, 'Fully Committed'

The out footballer, back after a personal leave, also says the Supreme Court's marriage equality decision is 'freaking awesome.'

Michael Sam's Future With Montreal Football Team Suddenly Uncertain

It's not clear why the out athlete is suddenly no longer affiliated with the Montreal Alouettes, at least for now.

Michael Sam Will Play for Canada's Montreal Alouettes

The 25-year-old defensive end will suit up for a two-year contract with the Montreal Alouettes starting next month.


Michael Sam Dons Boogie Shoes For 'Dancing With The Stars'

As Michael Sam looks for another opportunity to join the NFL, he also will compete in season 20 of Dancing With The Stars.

Michael Sam Proposed to Vito Cammisano — at the Vatican

Was Pope Francis in on it?

Michael Sam Reportedly Engaged to Boyfriend Vito Cammisano

The NFL free agent and his college sweetheart reportedly got engaged in Italy on Sam's 25th birthday.

POEM: The Gay Ending to an Antigay Dr. Seuss Satire

'I do so like to kiss a man! Thank you! Thank you, Michael Sam!'

Top 10 LGBT Sporty Moments of 2014

The moments that scored major LGBT points in the sports world this year.

WATCH: Michael Sam Tells Oprah There Are More in Closet

Sam wouldn't get specific on the number of closeted gay players except to say "very few" contacted him.

The LGBT Faces of This Year's Magazines

A year-end look at who graced the covers of the nation's top publications.

WATCH: Michael Sam Shares Story for #IAmUnbroken Campaign

Sam tells a story of resilience in the face of disappointment as part of a video campaign launched in conjunction with the new film Unbroken.