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Nate Silver

The editor-in-chief of FiveThirtyEight is an out gay man who is known for his audacious and accurate forecasting of election results. Here we follow his predictions for elections and more.

Same-Sex Marriage Support Might Be Lower in U.S. Than Thought

A new poll from Nate Silver's found over half  of adults oppose same-sex marriage.

This Election Has Nate Silver Cussing on Twitter

The forecasting phenom is blasting critics of his website's model for analyzing polls.

Nate Silver’s Terrifying Prediction: Prepare for President Trump

Nate Silver and Michael Moore have some dire warnings for those who think Americans are too smart to elect an "idiot."

Nate Silver Makes His Forecast for President

The out founder of FiveThirtyEight sees some long odds on Donald Trump winning the presidency.

Not Even Nate Silver Got Donald Trump Right

The master of predicting election outcomes admits getting it very wrong in the Republican primary.

Nate Silver Has Been Predicting This Since March

The media seems to be converging on this idea that Democrats are about to lose the Senate, but as usual, it was Nate Silver who was ahead of the curve.

40 Under 40: It's Probably A Good Idea to Listen to Nate Silver

The Messengers: Is Washington media finally ready to listen to Nate Silver? Odds are it should.

Michael Sam And Draft Day: What You Should Know

Michael Sam's fate could be decided this week. Where might he go?

Nate Silver Points Out NYT Writer's 'Change of Tone' on FiveThirtyEight

Since Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight landed at ESPN, New York Times columnist Paul Krugman has written more 'unfavorable' stories about the site and its founder, says Silver.

Nate Silver Steps Into First Controversy at New Site

Gay statistician and politics guru Nate Silver drew fire this week for hiring a polarizing science writer, Roger Pielke Jr., for Silver's newly launched website.

Nate Silver Leaving New York Times for ESPN

The hallowed gay statistician will take the blog brand he established, Five Thirty Eight, with him to the sports network.

5 More Things You Should Know About Jason Collins

He has a twin, a gay uncle, and ties to some of the nation's top political families.

The Internet Loves Gay Geek Nate Silver

The stats geek everyone is in love with now has his own Internet meme, a Twitter parody account, and a very popular (and very funny) hashtag devoted to his praises.

Nate Silver Mocks Notion He's Too Effeminate to Be Right



Silver called out the founder of a conspiratorial website called "Unskewed Polls."


Silver Republicans Too Confident of Takeover

Forecasters of a Republican takeover have strong reasons to be confident, he says, but not that confident.

Silver Divorce Rates Lower in Gay friendlier States

Hmmm, divorce rates may be lower in states without bans on same-sex marriage?

Nate Silver on Maine

He sees a 70 percent chance that Maine's Question 1 would fail.