Officer arrested
on charge of sexually assaulting transsexual

A police officer
in San Antonio has been arrested on a federal charge of
sexually assaulting a transsexual. Dean Gutierrez, 45, was
indicted Tuesday on a charge of deprivation of civil
rights by committing aggravated sexual abuse while on
duty. The 16-year veteran of the police force was
arrested Thursday.

Gutierrez is
accused of forcing Gabriel Bernal, 22, who goes by the name
Starlight, to perform sex acts the night of June 10. Police
reports and court documents allege that Gutierrez
forced Bernal into his police car after picking her
up. Gutierrez was released on a $100,000 bond. If
convicted, he faces up to life in prison.

Gutierrez had
been on administrative duty since his arrest in July on
state charges, on which he has not been indicted. "We
understood charges were ultimately going to be
presented to a federal grand jury, and we were given
the indictment today," said one of Gutierrez's
lawyers, Ed Garcia. "We intend to review it very carefully.
There are a number of inconsistencies we believe will
lead to him being exonerated once the trial is over

Gutierrez was
placed on indefinite suspension Thursday, said Sgt. Gabe
Trevino, a department spokesman. Indefinite suspension is
tantamount to being fired. (AP)

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