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Westboro's Tires Slashed at Funeral

Westboro's Tires Slashed at Funeral

When members of the Westboro Baptist Church finished protesting the
funeral of a fallen Army sergeant Saturday, they returned to their car only to
find their tires slashed.

The protesters were unable to find anyone in McAlester, Okla., where the protest took place, who would repair the front and back passenger-side tires that were damaged, according to the Tulsa World. Eventually, a truck from AAA was called to tow the van to a nearby Walmart for repairs.

An estimated crowd of 1,000 counterprotestersmet the small group from Westboro, who were confronted by chants of "USA, USA" and motorcyclists revving engines to drown out the sound of the Westboro protesters.

The funeral was for Army sergeant Jason James McCluskey.

The antigay church is known for protesting the funerals of fallen military personnel and spreading their message that God hates America because of the country's tolerance of gay people.

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