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Did Dennis Miller Make Gay Obama Joke?

Did Dennis Miller Make Gay Obama Joke?


While discussing Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi with Bill O'Reilly, comedian and Fox News commentator Dennis Miller said he found President Obama's handling of the situation to be poor and "mincing," a slang term for "effeminate" or "swishy."

O'Reilly asked Miller if he agreed Obama would be smart to throw Quaddafi "into Guantanamo Bay or something."

Miller responded: "Billy, when you and Ralph Peters say that you find the president very bright, I'm sorry, I started off with that, but I have a different definition to really bright as somebody who exhibits bright judgments. And I'm a couple years in with this guy now, and I'm not sure he's serviceably bright. I'm not sure he's very bright anymore.

"This is a bad man here. You have a chance to make a statement to bad guys all over the world, and we're in a comedy of manners with him. It's sort of mincing. I think he should find Qaddafi, and I agree with you: I think it would be great, if he's going to keep Guantanamo Bay open, to send him there and have a tribunal."

Stephanie Miller played the clip on her radio show this morning and, after Miller used the words mincing, she said: "There it is, finally. The gay joke."

According to, "mincing" mean to "walk or sashe/shante in a very effeminate and/or swishy way." It also mean "the act of procrastinating relentlessly."

What do you think Miller meant. Write your thoughts in the comments below.

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