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Rabbi Says Quake Is Your Fault

Rabbi Says Quake Is Your Fault

After members of his "community" asked archconservative Orthodox rabbi Yehuda Levin how long it would take for him to blame Tuesday's East Coast earthquake on gay people, Levin took the bait and did just that in a YouTube video that was later removed.

After discussing how other natural disasters like the Haitian earthquake were the fault of humans (Haiti ostensibly deserved its disaster because of its high AIDS rates), Levin said the Virginia-based temblor was indeed the fault of gays. YouTube later removed the video, describing it as hate speech.

Pat Robertson also said on his 700 Club program that individuals were to blame for the quake — though this time it was those "who act kind of gay," such as men who get manicures or wear stylish sunglasses — that were behind the quake, which didn’t result in any injuries. Read more here.  

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