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Grindr Senator Has History of Antigay Positions

Grindr Senator Has History of Antigay Positions

The Republican senator who resigned this weekend after pictures surfaced from his alleged Grindr account has a history of antigay stances in Puerto Rico, according to a roundup by the Blabbeando blog.

Roberto Arango was a leader of the New Progressive Party before resigning when numerous nude pictures were distributed online. The photos were supposedly shared on Grindr. When confronted by a reporter with a copy of a merely shirtless photo, Arango said he was documenting his weight loss.

Arango was vice-chair for George W. Bush's 2004 Puerto Rico campaign and leaves behind a trail of opposition to gay rights. Here's a comprehensive list from blogger Andrés Duque:

- Arango served as mouthpiece for a campaign against civil unions in 2007.

- As senator, Arango voted in 2007 in favor of a ban on legally recognizing any relationship not between one man and one woman. The bill was blocked in the House of Representatives.

- Arango shepherded a bill banning adoption rights for LGBT people, then voted for it, and it's now law in Puerto Rico.

- Arango used a Spanish antigay slur to describe a political opponent during a campaign rally.

Read a detailed look at these incidents.

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