The NY Times's Nine Questions for Tammy Baldwin

The NY Times's Nine Questions for Tammy Baldwin

 The New York Times's Andrew Goldman quizzes Congresswoman and Senate candidate Tammy Baldwin on everything from her mother to gay marriage to President Obama.

Baldwin, a Democratic congresswoman from Wisconsin, is hoping in November to be elected the first openly gay U.S. senator. The Times spoke to Baldwin about whether Wisconsin would elect a lesbian to the Senate.

"This November, people in Wisconsin will be so focused on getting by," Baldwin tells Goldman. "They’ve made serious adjustments to deal with this economy — whether it’s the recession or the decline of the middle class before then."

The Congresswoman also defended President Obama's gay rights record, saying even though he hasn't yet fully endorsed marriage equality, he's contributed much to LGBT rights.

"Look, he is moving in the right direction on this issue," she says. "He’s been crucial in equality efforts like the repeal of 'don’t Ask, don’t Tell' and signing the Matthew Shepard hate crimes prevention act."

Being raised by her grandparents and her mother's drug addiction also come up in the interview. Read it here. 

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