Isaac Already Stealing Romney's Thunder, Could Storm Cancel Convention?

Isaac Already Stealing Romney's Thunder, Could Storm Cancel Convention?

With Tropical Storm Isaac picking up speed and heading for the Gulf Coast, the Republican Party has a big decision to make: carry on with its convention or scrap it altogether.

While Tampa, Fla., the host city for the GOP convention, is mostly out of danger, Isaac could turn into a Category 2 hurricane and bring damage to the Gulf, including cities such as Mobile, Ala., and New Orleans (just as the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina rolls around). The GOP canceled today's events in Tampa and is now weighing whether to cancel the whole convention, The Boston Globe reports. The timing of the storm is a media nightmare — should a swath of the nation suffer from Isaac, it would look unseemly for the Republicans to be hooting and hollering amid confetti in Tampa. Also, President Obama will no doubt be visiting the Gulf to make sure recovery efforts are on track, a double whammy for GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

The Romney campaign is now in talks about what action to take, but the messaging opportunity it had with the convention could be lost. There is hope among Republican ranks that if the convention is scrapped, the networks will allow the former governor of Massachusetts airtime to get his message, whatever it may be, across to voters.

Meanwhile, Jesten Peters of the Keys of Authority Ministries told a reporter that she and her church helped pray Isaac away from Florida. Guess Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama weren't worth their prayers. Watch the video below.

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