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California Gov. Appoints Two New LGBT Judges

California Gov. Appoints Two New LGBT Judges

California governor Jerry Brown today appointed the first openly gay appellate justice in the state's history, according to the Bay Area Reporter. Brown also appointed out lesbian attorney Paula S. Rosenstein to the San Diego Superior Court. 

Among several judicial appointments announced by the governor's office today was that of Jim Humes, a 53-year-old gay man from San Francisco, to serve as an associate justice in the First District Court of Appeals. Humes served as Brown's executive secretary for legal administration and policy since 2011, BAR reports. If confirmed by the Comimssion on Judicial Appointments, Humes will fill a vacancy left by retiring Justice Patricia Sepulveda.

Rosenstein, 52, is a former co-president of the Tom Homman LGBT Law Association in San Diego, and specializes in domestic-partnership and employment issues, according to BAR. If confirmed, Rosenstein, a Democrat, will fill a vacancy caused by the retirement of Judge Linda B. Quinn. 

Wrapping out the historic appointments, Brown also named Rosendo Peña as an associate justice on the state's Fifth District Court of Appeals. If confirmed, Peña would be the first Latino justice to serve on the Central Valley's district court. 

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