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The Resistance Can't Let This Happen


Trump has been, as Time says, "for better or for worse," the biggest influencer of 2016. 


Time magazine has named President-elect Donald J. Trump Person of the Year.

Before that sinks in, be advised that Time referred to Trump as "President of the Divided States of America." Some people who get the Person of the Year nod think it's an honor, said Nancy Gibbs, editor of Time,in a video. Certainly, in some year, it has been awarded to people who are "unassailably worthy," she said.

Trump seems to be taking it as an honor, but in a video explaining the announcement, Gibbs said it was given to him because for better or for worse Trump influenced America in a way no one else did. Take that as you will.

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So what's happening in The Resistance this week?

DAY 25: Trump Claims That "Millions" Voted Illegally
(They didn't.)

* Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie writes that "now is the time to talk about what we are actually talking about." It's time to speak up, says the novelist. (The New Yorker)

* U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez of Illinois says he will skip Trump's inauguration as an act of protest. "I can't go to this inauguration because he continues to spew hatred, bigotry, and prejudice even after he said he was going to bring us all together, he was going to unify, but he's not," the Democratic congressman told CNN. (Politico)

* A 19-year-old hailing from Washington State is the seventh electoral college member who is protesting against Trump. Levi Guerra is trying to convince 37 more Republican electors to vote against Trump by the time the electoral college votes December 19. (Broadly)

DAY 26: Some Trump Voters Regret Voting for Him
(A little too late...)

* A Tumblr account called "Trumpgrets" is keeping track of Trump voters who regret voting for our president-elect. (Tumblr)

* Trump isn't happy with Alec Baldwin's impression of him, but the actor told the president-elect he would stop if Trump releases his tax returns. (Variety)

* After Trump took a call from Taiwan's president, protesters in China took to the streets. (Reuters)

DAY 27: Standing Rock Protesters Celebrated After the Army Announced It Did Not Grant a Key Permit to Allow a Pipeline to go Through the Reservation
(Trump doesn't support the protest. He's previously invested in the pipeline.)

* Nadya Tolokonnikova of the Russian punk group and artist collective Pussy Riot tells Americans they must not normalize Trump. "It's important to remember that, for example, in Russia, for the first year of when Vladimir Putin came to power, everybody was thinking that it will be OK," said the punk singer. (The New York Times)

* Seattle residents have formed neighborhood groups to resist Trump. They will fight Trump's plans to start a Muslim registry or to defund sanctuary cities, such as Seattle. (Seattle Weekly)

* Former Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut says the Democratic Party shouldn't go further left because that's not going to win elections. (The Hill)

DAY 28: North Carolina's Anti-LGBT Governor Finally Concedes, After Holding Off for a Month
(But then he went to meet up with Trump in New York...)

* A Republican presidential elector from Texas publishes an op-ed saying he will not be casting his vote for Trump December 19, when the electors from his state come together. Trump "shows daily he is not qualified for the office," writes Christopher Suprun, suggesting the electors choose John Kasich or Mitt Romney as president. (The New York Times)

* A New York State senator introduces legislation that would require presidential candidates to release their tax returns, starting in 2020. In a sly nod to the president-elect, the bill is called "T.R.U.M.P." (BuzzFeed News)

* NBA superstar LeBron James refuses to stay at the Trump Tower in New York. His team is set to play the New York Knicks soon. Could this be the beginning of a sports boycott of Trump? (The Washington Post)

* Activist and writer Shaun King launches the Injustice Boycott, which will start in three places, Standing Rock, San Francisco, and New York City, until the demands of local activists are met. (Medium)

DAY 29: Another Day, Another Tweetstorm From the President-Elect
(This time against Boeing.)

* A top Democratic super PAC is establishing a "war room" that will serve as a watchdog for Trump's transition and for his incoming administration. "The Trump administration is shaping up to be one of the most corrupt since the Gilded Age," says David Brock of the super PAC. (The Hill)

* Lydia Polgreen, a senior editor at The New York Times, is replacing Arianna Huffington at her eponymous website. A queer woman of color is now going to be heading the prominent liberal-leaning news site. As we head into Trump's presidency, diversity in media is more important than ever. (The Huffington Post)

* Former Obama staffer and current CNN commentator Van Jones says the only way to conquer Trump is to start a "Love Army." (Rolling Stone)

* Arizona's queer undocumented community is ready to take on Trump. (The Advocate)

DAY 30: Trump Is Time's Person of the Year
(Hillary makes it to the shortlist.)

* In what will be one of her last interviews as first lady, Michelle Obama restates her position, in case anyone thinks otherwise: "Anything that I felt about the election I said and I stand by." (People)

* The Sundance Institute has pledged to help assist with inauguration demonstrations at the Sundance Film Festival, which will already be in day 2 on the day Trump is sworn in as president. (The Hollywood Reporter)

* The Democratic Party should look West, to California, for new leadership to take on Trump in 2020, argues the paper of record. (The New York Times)

It's OK to Laugh
(Don't let Trump take that away too.)

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Yezmin Villarreal

Yezmin Villarreal is the former news editor for The Advocate. Her work has also appeared in The Los Angeles Times, Mic, LA Weekly, Out Magazine and The Fader.
Yezmin Villarreal is the former news editor for The Advocate. Her work has also appeared in The Los Angeles Times, Mic, LA Weekly, Out Magazine and The Fader.