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Resistance Is Patriotic

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Trump incites protesters to burn flags after recommending that flag burners be stripped of their citizenship.


Donald Trump is challenging Americans to reconsider what it means to be American.

Luckily, we have the words of James Baldwin to guide us in moments like this. "I love America more than any other country in the world and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually," he wrote in 1955.

And a quote from Mark Twain is more appropriate now than ever: "Patriotism is supporting your country all the time and your government when it deserves it." I first read this in high school in Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States, but that quote has come back to me given the results of our November 8 election.

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So what's happening in The Resistance this week?

DAY 16: The world might be falling apart, but atleast Ellen DeGeneres was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom
(To whom will Trump award the honor when he is in office?)

* New York Times columnist Charles Blow inspired us at The Advocate to start #TheResistance. His November 23 op-ed was addressed directly to Trump: "No, Trump, We Can't Just Get Along." (The New York Times)

* Activists couldn't agree on which Trump-affiliated companies to boycott, reports BuzzFeed. This is why they are struggling to create a movement, according to the site. (BuzzFeed News)

* Arizona State University's president commits to protecting undocumented students. "If DACA is eliminated, we will rise to the challenge," wrote Michael Crow. (The Arizona Republic)

DAY 17: Jill Stein Surprises Everyone by Raising Enough Money to Fund a Recount Effort in Three Battleground States
(November surprise!)

* Experts report that Russia influenced the American election by helping to spread fake news. (The Washington Post)

* While everyone was on Thanksgiving break, Stein raised millions of dollars through a crowd-funding campaign to fund a recount. (Jill Stein)

DAY 18: Activists Say #GrabYourWallet and Boycott Trump-Supporting Businesses

(Instead of going the Black Friday route.)

* Check out our list of pro-LGBT businesses you can support, instead of Trump. (The Advocate)

* Conservationists are rushing to push for legislation before Trump takes office on January 20th. (Los Angeles Times)

* Former school peers of "alt-right" leader Richard Spencer start fundraising campaign for refugees and asylum-seekers in his name. "As one of those Richard hates, I will strive to promote love," wrote one alum. (The Dallas Morning News)

DAY 19: Clinton Camp Joins Stein's Recount Effort
(Don't let that distract you from Trump's global conflicts of interest.)

* It seems that every time something big happens in Trump news, he goes on a Twitter rant to distract Americans from the real issue. Take a look at Trump's global business ventures and how they may conflict with his new job. (The New York Times)

* Clinton's counsel explained why her campaign is taking part in the recount. Campaign officials don't believe the results will change, but they feel an obligation to her supporters to assure a full and fair count. (The Hill)

* Should protest be angry or optimistic? Two New York Magazine writers exchange ideas on this topic. (New York Magazine)

DAY 20: Apparently Trump Thinks "Millions of People" Voted Illegally
(If this was a CNN chyron, it would say, "NO THEY DIDN'T.")

* Masha Gessen, once again, continues to be the light guiding us as we enter the unknown territory of a Trump presidency. Here she writes about the choice we face under Trump. (The New York Review of Books)

* Which Democrat could take on Trump in 2020? Several candidates are already prepping to go up against him. (The Washington Post)

* Several cities have declared themselves "sanctuary cities," and they've vowed to fight Trump on immigration, even if it costs them millions in federal funding. (The New York Times)

DAY 21: Do You Remember That Time Trump Told His Supporters to Vote on November 28?
(What if, amirite?)

* Instead of taking to the streets to march, one Muslim teenager is protesting Trump by winning robotics competitions. (Los Angeles Times)

* Artists have started an Instagram account called @Dear_Ivanka to direct a letter-writing campaign to her. Artists took to a building owned by the first daughter's husband to rally against her father. (The New York Times)

* Autostraddle was inspired by Trump's presidency to author a new gay agenda, which is super secret, by the way. "Elevate your queerness and prepare for domination" are just two of the items on the agenda. (Autostraddle)

DAY 22: Most of Trump's Cabinet Picks So Far are Anti-LGBT
(So, no, Trump is not pro-LGBT.)

* Are Democracies stable? A lecturer at Harvard says the "warning signs are flashing red." (The New York Times)

* Latina/o poets wrote about how they plan to resist Trump. "White Male Torture Fantasies made legit by the market," writes Vincent Toro. (The Kenyon Review)

* Voters in New York say the election results have spurred them to take action in ways they hadn't done before. Some are considering running for public office. (Associated Press)

DAY 23: Activists Burn Flags Outside of Trump Tower
(In response to Trump tweeting about taking away citizenship from flag burners/)

* The organizers of the Million Woman March in Washington D.C. expect to draw big names. The march takes place the day after Trump is inaugurated. (The New York Times)

* Will Democrats botch the resistance against Trump? ThinkProgress seems to think so. "Liberalism is not built for moments like these," writes its justice editor. (ThinkProgress)

DAY 24: Trump's "Thank You" Tour Begins Today
(Meanwhile, Clinton's popular vote lead continues to grow.)

* Mike Pence's neighbors greet him with a quiet, rainbow-colored protest. They put up a Pride flag next to an American flag. (The Hill)

* GLAAD has launched a Trump Accountability Project to track anti-LGBT statements and actions on the part of Trump and his appointees. (Bustle)

* Learn about the three women who are hoping to make the Million Woman March in D.C. more inclusive after the group was criticized for being "almost all white." (The Huffington Post)

It's OK to Laugh
(Don't let Trump take that away too.)

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Yezmin Villarreal

Yezmin Villarreal is the former news editor for The Advocate. Her work has also appeared in The Los Angeles Times, Mic, LA Weekly, Out Magazine and The Fader.
Yezmin Villarreal is the former news editor for The Advocate. Her work has also appeared in The Los Angeles Times, Mic, LA Weekly, Out Magazine and The Fader.