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Donald Trump Also Got the Facts Wrong in His 'Unpresidented' Tweet

Donald Trump Also Got the Facts Wrong in His 'Unpresidented' Tweet

Rachel Maddow

Let Rachel Maddow explain the actual history.

Not only did Donald Trump get the spelling of unprecedented wrong, he got the whole point wrong.

Trump is being widely mocked on Twitter for spelling it "unpresidented." He's since corrected the tweet to say: "China steals United States Navy research done in international waters -- rips it out of water and takes it to China in unprecedented act."

Rachel Maddow explained in detail on Friday night that the provocation by China in stealing that drone is part of the usual testing seen during presidential transitions. Even the ship involved in the incident has seen this same thing happen before. It's neither unprecedented, nor "unpresidented."

What's new this time, though, is that China is agitating even before the new president takes office. Maddow's segment aired before Trump's tweet, but it's all the more relevant now. She set aside almost 20 minutes getting it right, while Trump could afford fewer than 140 characters and got it wrong.

Watch below:

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