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Texas: Antigay Activist's Wife Left Him After Dating Another Woman

Texas: Antigay Activist's Wife Left Him After Dating Another Woman


One of Texas's most prominent antigay activists is divorced from his wife, who is now in a relationship with another woman.

One of Texas's prominent opponents of marriage equality has reportedly been divorced by his wife, who left him for another woman.

Corrine Saenz filed for divorce from Jonathan Saenz in 2011, and their marriage officially ended August 1, 2013, according to an exclusive report by Lone Star Q. He took a position at Texas Values, a spin-off organization of the Liberty Legal Institute, six months after she initially left him to date Ercimin Paredes.

Prior to his work with that organization, Jonathan Saenz worked locally in religious liberty cases and against reproductive rights as an attorney. His most recent work involved pushing for an amendment in the 2014 Texas Republican platform, which endorsed so-called ex-gay therapy. He has also said that marriage equality would lead to people marrying their stepchildren and that LGBT activists want to put Christians in concentration camps.

Jonathan Saenz made several attempts to discredit Saenz's mental health. He also initially asked the court to bar any contact between the Saenz children and Paredes. However, according to Lone Star Q, the court wrote, "Ms. Paredes is not a threat to the children or their welfare. The injunction against Ms. Paredes is an extreme attempt to merely further control Corrine M. Saenz."

The former couple now share custody of their three children.

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