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WATCH: Janet Mock, a Journalist First and Foremost

WATCH: Janet Mock, a Journalist First and Foremost


In serving on an MSNBC panel on the Golden Globes, Janet Mock was recognized as a pop-culture maven who, oh, just happens to be trans.

When Chris Hayes introduced viewers to author and activist Janet Mock on his MSNBC show, All In, Monday night as part of a panel discussion of the Golden Globe Awards, he didn't mince words.

"Joining me now is Janet Mock, pop culture journalist and host of So POPular!, which streams on Shift by MSNBC, Fridays at 11 a.m."

Hayes didn't once tell viewers she's trans, just as he didn't introduce film critic Jason Bailey as "bald, white and male" or Jezebelmanaging editor Erin Gloria Ryan as "the white chick in the navy print top."

Instead, Mock, Bailey and Ryan jumped right in with Hayes into an analysis of comedy regarding a heretofore taboo subject.

During their opening monologue, Globes cohosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler took the risk of telling a joke about Bill Cosby. They each imitated Cosby "admitting" he drugged women before raping them, an accusation widely reported but not actually admitted by Cosby; prosecutors have declined to charge the actor due to lack of credible evidence.

"What I found so interesting," Mock said, "is the fact that in this bit, they point out that [making a joke about rape] is not right. And then they go to impersonating him, using a voice that everyone in America recognizes. Everyone in America recognizes that and by doing that they put the admission in his mouth and in his voice."

Even when discussing the twin wins by Amazon's Transparent, Hayes managed to avoid asking Mock for her opinion as a transgender woman. Her observation was direct and succinct.

"I thought it was a grand cultural space for trans folks, for the trans community, to push forward," Mock told Hayes, to put a different face on what trans looks like. "Here you have a 70-year-old trans woman who was formerly the patriarch of a family. Now this person is transitioning into motherhood, into womanhood, and seeing what that looks like; we have a whole new family. We talk about Modern Family, well, this is the ultimate modern family."

Watch the discussion below.

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