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Chasten Buttigieg Slams Transphobic Michigan Salon Owner From His Hometown

The Buttigieg family lives in Traverse City, where the owner of a local salon banned transgender and queer customers.

MSNBC May Soon Eclipse Fox News in Viewership

MSNBC rises while Fox — and CNN — sink.

Rachel Maddow Unveils New Podcast 'Deja News'

This will be her third podcast after two very successful projects that are now in development for feature films.

Gay MSNBC Anchor Challenges Homophobic GOP Candidate on Air

The Republican has run for and lost the Virginia U.S. House seat twice, most recently in 2022, before the Democratic winner died suddenly.

NBC's Steven Romo and Fox Weather's Stephen Morgan Are Married

Now that they're married, the couple of broadcasters are looking to add members to their household.

Right-Wing Extremists to Protest School Board Meeting Over Pride Flags

Because the Castro Valley Unified School District decided to paint inclusive murals featuring the Progress Pride flag, right-wing radicals plan to protest.

Rachel Maddow’s Weeknight MSNBC Spot Goes to Alex Wagner

Maddow will still host her show on Monday nights. 

Report: TV News Coverage of Anti-Trans Violence Woefully Inadequate

In 2021, major broadcast and cable outlets decreased their coverage even though fatal violence against trans people increased.

Maddow Returns to MSNBC Show, Announces New Schedule Moving Forward

The out host will appear on her MSNBC show Monday through Thursday this month and once a week in May, more frequently if the news merits it.

Insiders Say 'The Rachel Maddow Show' May End Next Spring

Sources told CNN Business that finding a replacement for the show won't be easy when Rachel Maddow transitions to her new role under her new contract.

Report: Here's How Long Rachel Maddow Just Renewed Her MSNBC Deal For

The star is also slated to develop more projects outside of her nightly show. 

Rachel Maddow Declares 'Worst-Case Scenario' Is Real

The out MSNBC anchor said the president puts the interests of the Russian governnment first.

Joy Reid Apologizes for Blog Posts That Slam Wolf Blitzer, John McCain

The MSNBC anchor is trying to explain more incendiary posts from her former blog.

Joy Reid Uses Her Show to Apologize

But the MSNBC anchor stuck to her belief that homophobic posts on her blog are from hacking.

Maddow Defends Brokaw in Wake of #MeToo Accusation

The out MSNBC anchor is among a list of 65 women signing a letter attesting to Brokaw's character.

Sandra Bernhard on Her Bi 'Roseanne' Character, Women Supporting Trump

The comedian spoke to MSNBC's Ari Melber about the Roseanne reboot and why women like Roseanne Barr may be intimidated by Hillary Clinton.

Thomas Roberts Announces End to His MSNBC Show

The out anchor hasn't said what's next.


Joy Ann Reid to Trump Camp: You Can Be Gay and Racist

It's a sad reminder from the MSNBC anchor, but yes LGBT people can be racist.

Melissa Harris-Perry Is Coming Back to TV

BET News's election coverage will be anchored by two outspoken LGBT allies. 

Yes, LGBT Journalists Feel 'Special Anguish' Over Pulse Massacre

Can queer people report on the worst anti-LGBT hate crime in American history and still keep their journalistic distance? Do we need to?