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The Advocate is the world's leading source of LGBT news and politics. Discover the most recent articles published in the print issue, which is the oldest and largest gay magazine in the United States. Sort through The Advocate print issue archives to find articles written by the founders of the modern-day LGBT rights movement like Vito Russo and Gore Vidal. Find out about the historic magazine that was inspired by a police raid of a Los Angeles gay bar and has grown to become a prominent voice for topics related to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community and its allies.

Clown Show: George Santos and the Funny Idea of LGBTQ+ Republicans

The GOP decided long ago that scapegoating the community is more valuable than courting it. Will that ever change?

A Beauty Queen Without Makeup?

Pageant finalist Melisa Raouf is highlighting inner beauty and calling out unrealistic standards.

Farewell to LGBTQ+ People and Allies Who’ve Recently Died

Remembering some of the LGBTQ+ people and allies who died earlier this year.

Tracking 2022's LGBTQ+ Gains and Losses Across the Globe

From Japan to Argentina, this year saw uneven movement for equality.

15 Images of Queer Joy at The Advocate's People of the Year Party

Kevin Aviance, Dot-Marie Jones, Amanda Bearse, and Mrs. Kasha Davis were among the celebrities toasting 2022's heroes.

Clea DuVall on Relating to High School’s Queer Story and Timelessness

Creator Clea DuVall chats with The Advocate about High School, Tegan and Sara, and being queer in the '90s.

LGBTQ+ Journalists Raquel Willis, Sue Kerr Do Monica Roberts Proud

Willis and Kerr, two of The Advocate's people of the year, carry the mantle of transgender coverage and mainstream accountability following the death of Roberts.

Patagonia's Yvon Chouinard Is the Anti-Trump

This philanthropist, one of The Advocate's people of the year, is determined to leave the world a better place.

Meet the Grandmother of the Trans Legal Rights Movement

Lawyer Phyllis Frye, one of our people of the year, is more than just the first out trans judge.

Beyoncé's Appreciation of Black Queer Culture Sets Her Apart

This larger-than-life icon, one of our people of the year, is not shy about giving props and displaying her influences.

Even During War, Ukraine's Zelensky Works to Advance LGBTQ+ Rights

The actor-turned-national hero, one of The Advocate's people of the year, continues to inspire.

With an Assist From Beyoncé, Black Queen Kevin Aviance Is Back

He's opened for Cher, had his own line of heels, and was named one of the most successful dance artists of all time, but his next act is just beginning.

Maia Kobabe Wrote 2022's Most Attacked LGBTQ+ Book

This unassuming author -- and one of The Advocate's People of the Year -- found themselves targeted by a resurgent rightwing.

'What We Do in the Shadows’ Star Harvey Guillén Is Not That Innocent

The breakout star of our favorite vampire comedy channels Britney on The Advocate's year-end cover -- and proves that big, brown, and queer is also sexy as hell. 

The White House's Karine Jean-Pierre on Fixing MAGA's Mess

As the voice of the president, Jean-Pierre is changing America. That's why she's emblematic of everything the Marjorie Taylor Greenes of the world fear the most.

The Power of an HIV-Positive Community of Men to Transform Their World

"Being with other queer HIV-positive people is a liberating experience that allows a release of anxiety around status."

Chucky’s Lachlan Watson on Their Dual Spooky Role

The nonbinary actor on their killer role(s) and why they're ready to burn down the Hollywood system.

22 Queer Couples Through History

It may be the love that once dared not speak its name, but it has always existed.